The Other Woman – Review

Remember the saying, Hell Has No Fury Like A Woman Scorned. Well this movie is about that, with some laughter at the side.


It all started with Carly ( Cameron Diaz) discovering her King Slayer is sybarite. Not only he is playing – he also is playing his wife, Kate (Leslie Mann). Leslie has been finding her footing in this industry after George of The Jungle but now with The Other Woman maybe she has found her calling.
After Carly meeting with  Kate, the two found themselves in a awkward relationship. While Kate weep around Carly most of the time, Carly fancies Kate’s younger brother – *correction* – cute younger brother. The two cooperate to teach a lesson to Mark, but however their mission were joined by by another victim of the King Slayer; Amber(Kate Upton).
Kate Upton, a new generation supermodel with the measurements of 33-25-36 is famous in her appearances in the Sport Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. For more of the sizzling photo’s, you may want to check here –>>

Kate UptonThe three women later join forces plotting an outrageous plan for revenge.  Nick Cassavetes, proves he still has it with this movie. Nick previous work were The Notebook, The Sister’s Keeper and Johnny Q.

Honestly the movie is a fun and full of laughter and with Kate Upton in it – the movie becomes more ‘interesting’.

Plot: 6.5/10
Review: 6/10

The movie is available TGV and GSC.


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