Diana Prince is the hero that DC finally got it right. A female superhero in which is a first of it’s kind in between Marvel and DC.┬áPrincess Diana of Themyscira played by Gal Gadot throws in a punch like not other woman we have seen. Watch out Black Widow.

Setting in World War 1, it takes us to beginning of how Diana come to learn about the outside world and men. Living in the Island Themyscira under the supervision of her mother, Queen Hippolyta – Diana was innocent of how the world is. She was the only child in the island when she grew as the mother claims that she was sculpted by Queen herself and her life was given by the Zues, the ruler of Olympus.

She begins her adventure to actual world with Steve played by Chris Pine in order to stop the war of the world. The both paired fantastically and was able to move audiences in both amusing and romantic. You feel a little Captain America creeping in but skirts who are we kidding right.

But that wasn’t genre Patty Jenkins was looking for. Diana’s innocence’s and thirst for justice was what we clearly saw about and we liked it. She constantly concerns about the well being who and what ever is around her. Yes that is the character but the detail such her first taste of ice cream; that scene would have complemented the scene better if only they focus more on her reaction.

Even thou the movie was a little off in the beginning but the caught up by the 3rd act. The CGI fight scene was a little over the top but than again it won’t be DC right. At least we didn’t get the Martha scene again right.

Overall, can’t say it’s a home run but wonderful yes it is.

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