X-Men: Apocalypse – Review

One of the most feared villain in X-Men makes it’s debut in the X-Men franchise. Apocalypse was nothing what we expected from the original comic. A little originality from Bryan Singer’s end but was it worth it?

The Gist of It:

X-Men: Apocalypse continues from Xmen: Days of Future Past left us. 10 years from that event, alot has changed and most significantly is Raven. The more matured shape shifter is now considered as hero after the incident in DC. All mutants look up to her and follow in her foot steps. Professor Xavier and Hank are teachers at the mansion and Magneto has retreat to a more peaceful lifestyle in Poland with his new family.
Everything was well until some mutant cult decides to awaken Apocalypse. They believe that Apocalpyse is a god and that they want him to return to his rightful place as the king of the world.
What a coincidence that the day Apocalypse is awaken – everything goes hay wire. Bryan Singer we need to talk.
With everyone having crazy issues, Apocalypse quickly recruited them as his personal body guard.  Meanwhile at X-Men Mansion, things are slowly taking shape. Scoot Summers enrolling to Xavier’s institution, Jean Grey settling in and Raven decides to drop by. Her visit wasn’t because she misses someone but instead to update Charles on Eric. Raven has heard that Magneto killed some people in Poland and Raven wants to help him or rather be there for him.
So Raven briefed Charles on what’s happening and Charles tries to located Magneto. He successfully located him and things to a turn from there. Apocalypse detected Charles mind reading ability and want’s that ability. Apocalypse and his new team of Horsemen just teleport and they are already inside the mansion. They took what Apocalypse wants the most – the ability to control a person’s mind.

First of all, we believe Apocalypse himself is not being represented properly. He is very mild and nothing like what was in the coming. Could it be that Bryan Singer wanted to end his reign so quick that he do enough research for the last movie?
Character development were just pull out and our opinion was not properly researched. The part with Magneto’s family was kinda dark and sad but what’s the possibility the wife and daughter to be killed in same time as Apocalypse was also revived?
How about the plots – Apocalypse wanted to control back the world. It was very direct and his moves was predictable. Unlike the first movie – X-Men(2000), the amount twist and turn was for each events kept us wandering what’s next.
X-Men-Apocalypse-5Overall it was an ok movie and that is due to the previous installments complementing the gaps. Without the previous installment, the movie would be super dull by it’s. This is a huge failure on Bryan Singer’s end after creating such a height with his other X-Men movies. Maybe his concentration on his current characters such as Raven, Prof X, and Hank McCoy that he forgot on having a better based on his new character.

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