X-Men: Days of Future Past – Review

Another summer blockbuster got release today(22/5/2014) and it was worth the wait. The continuation of X-Men’s series does follow the comic a little but with a twist of Bryan Singer. The full movie action which feature Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Jennifer Lawrence, Ellen Page and many more is about the X-Men fixing the future by changing the past.


As the title says, the movie is about travelling the past. Based on the comic it was Bishop who travelled to past, but however in this movie it’s Wolverine who does the time travelling.
The movie begins with mutants fighting with the new age Sentinels – Sentinels with ability to adopt to any power thanks to Mystique’s DNA and the X-Men’s were losing. Iceman getting his head crush, while Blink getting pierce and many more. However Kitty and Bishop were busy running away which explains the going back to the past.
Bishop’s power was to absorb energy and manipulate – somewhat similar to Rouge’s power(based on the movie not comic) and Kitty’s power is to able to time travel.
Soon after, all of the X-Men’s meet at what seem to be an old Buddhist Monastery which includes Magneto. The initial idea was to send Prof. Xavier to past but however Kitty explains that his body wouldn’t be able to sustain that kind of pain. Which means only Wolverine was the only suitable candidate.

Bryan Singer, the director seems had put in a lot of thoughts into this as the X-Men movie series is totally going to be a reboot.

In past, Wolverine is back in his old body without the Admantium(which made us sad) but after the incident of X-Men: First Class. He quickly looks for Xavier and tries to convinces him to free Magneto. Of course Xavier totally ridicule the idea but join in later. Magneto was in lock down the Pentagon and the one who frees him was Quicksilver together with Xavier, Wolverine and The Beast. After re-explaining what has happen in future, Magneto also decide to help aswell but his own agenda in play.

During the reunion of Magneto and Mystique, he didn’t hesitate to kill her and of course Xavier stopped it from happening and in between Wolverine was having a fit attack. After escaping Magneto’s assassination attempt, Mystique continued with her own mission killing Dr Bolivar Trask. Trask is a scientist who fascinates with the human mutation that he start experimenting on them which angered Mystique.
Trask is also the scientist who created the Sentinel program to protect the humans from the mutants.

After the incident of trying to kill Mystique when public, the current president at the time, Nixon decides to go ahead with the Sentinel program. Little do they know, Magneto has hijacked the Sentinel program – so instead of targeting mutant, Magneto could control it to attack on human.
During the launch of the program, Magneto controlled the Sentinel to attack on human. At the same time Wolverine,The Beast and Xavier were trying to stop Mystique from killing Trask.


Plot: 8.5/10

A must watch movie to all Marvel X-Men fans. Even thou the movie didn’t really follow the comic, but the bit and pieces do go back to it’s origin. Our only  nay, is the timeline. As the movie is about travelling back to the past, this crosses with X-Men Origin: Wolverine and X-Men: First Class. We still haven’t figured out how the timeline of the movie is been planned but we loved the movie storyline.
So should you watch it in 3D? Not much effect is in the 3D so might aswell save the money for some pop corn. By the way, do stay till the end credit as the movie will reveal on what is X-Men’s next instalment about.

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