X-Men Origins: Deadpool

You seen the trailer and heard about the legendary unfiltered mouth which is Deadpool. From the previous introduction of Deadpool, the 2009 X-Men: Wolverine – we saw Wade Wilson a.k.a Deadpool didn’t have an intact ending.(His head was falling down a nuclear reactor which was crumbling down aswell.) As the merc with a mouth, Deadpool has a super fast healing powers and extremely good with swords.

So let’s freshen up your memory on Deadpool from his introduction in X-Men: Wolverine. To start – he has a big mouth and huge alter ego but however that is covered by his awesome swords play. After Wolverine left the pack, Deadpool was a subject of an experiment that would later on be result to his new abilities. In that timeline(yes timeline) – Wolverine defeated Deadpool by deactivating Deadpool’s head.

As you could see the video above, you will understand how Deadpool was revived. Now the question would be what happen to his other super power such as the ability teleport, ability to release powerful beams of energy from his eyes, ability to heal his wounds, and ability to summon a retractable sword.
Due to X-Men: Days of Future Past, the timeline was disturbed thus resulting to some event to not actually happen. So the experiment did happen to him but however the caused and result of it was different and thus a brand new Deadpool was born.

Deadpool is expected to be release in February 2016 and Stan Lee as always will have a cameo on this. In this round, he will be a DJ at a strip club. One thing for sure, this movie won’t be that silent.

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