Breakthrough (2019)

Movies about faith are tricky to make for a general population. In today’s world where such a topic is torn into, with the endless debate often leading to different outlooks on such a historical and personal topic. And yet, sometimes that type of movie becomes the big hit such as last year’s I can Only Imagine did. Nevertheless, the religious drama movies are ready to hit big this Easter weekend as tonight looks at another real, miracle event for inspiration.

They used music in A way that was meaningful to the story with it not just being there in the background which is always a plus! The story starts with you getting to know the family and some of the main characters within the story frame. Then it really gets going ! From the moment the kids falls through the ice till the end I was in tears or other wise. This movie is a roller coaster ; there is joy, sadness, Defeat, fear and redemption.

I found myself genuinely caring for this family and rooting for this kid fighting for his life. There was a bit over acting in some spots and unnecessary plot points brought up towards the end of the film that felt a bit out of left field. But overall, this movie is a great one for the whole family especially if you’re a believer in God like myself. You’ll find yourself smiling a lot and maybe even crying

“Breakthrough” has a tiresome tendency to paint the medical establishment as book-smart but God-ignorant; Dennis Haysbert plays yet another doctor helpless to explain John’s recovery. At the same time, Grant Nieporte’s script acknowledges that Joyce’s faith sometimes borders on fanatical, and that not everyone’s prayers are answered. In a few small ways, at least, “Breakthrough” tries to tell us an engaging story as well as deliver a sermon.

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