Captain Marvel Review

This movie doesn’t really add anything to End Game but i feel it should have been introduced after end game to help start the Skrull invasion/war arc. The movie felt really bland with some really some good characters.

But it is really predictable and some of the reveal on why the person got the thing because the thing felt like in Solo on how he got his blaster.

As a person who’ve seen all the films and try to catch up on lore from comics this movie did kinda maybe accidentally retconned some from the 1st avengers which i don’t agree with.

Samuel Jackson was wasted and the Nick Fury charactor suffers from it. Brie Larson was mis-cast. They shouldve watched Wonder Woman a few times to learn how to write and cast a better female super hero movie. All in all pretty forgettable. I wasnt emotionally invested or entertained at all.

The cat and Lieutenant Trouble created some great moments, and the twists throughout kept things from being too predictable. Be sure to stay to the very end of the credits to catch the post-credit scene, not to be confused with the present-day scene at the end of the movie.

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