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Ready or not (2019)

Horror movies will always make room for rich people behaving badly. Frankly, we could use a sharp one of these right now, another American Psycho or You’re Next. Apparently that’s not in the cards: Instead, we get the splattery, not-so-clever Ready or Not, in which the snobby heirs to the Le Domas gaming fortune reveal …

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Stuber (2019)

Look, it did have some funny moments in it, but honestly, it was so mind numbingly predictable that I really wanted to hit my head against a wall at times. Yeah, I knew who the Uber driver was going to end up pairing up with at the end, and like most Hollywood movies, it isn’t …

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Small Foot Review

Adapting from the book ‘Yeti Tracks’ by animator Sergio Pablos is Dreamworks Animation veteran Karey Kirkpatrick and his co-director Jason Reisig, and the duo fashion a lively, fast-paced and colourful action adventure that sees our hero Migo (Channing Tatum) venture below the clouds concealing their mountaintop habitat to find the smallfoot and prove that he …

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