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Hellboy (2019)

They got a few things right, fair credit where its due. The Hellboy in Mexico story was spot on and well done, Daimio and Gruagach were both fairly accurate, and the Baba Yaga’s chicken leg house was just about perfect. They NAILED the Osiris Club and the Wild Hunt, which got a huge smile from …

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Shazam! Review

First, a lot of really genuinely good comedy. You aren’t going to laugh at dirty jokes, you aren’t going to laugh at corny jokes, you’re going to laugh at genuinely well written and performed comedy. In fact, probably soon to be one of the most iconic comedic moments in superhero movies to date with Shazam …

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Aquaman Review

The movie is very straightforward and you quickly get excited to know what’s to come next after the first act. And oh please, the songs used are really good plus the visuals are really good. There are lots of surprisingly good underwater battle scenes and oh my that battle with Black Manta kills it. I …

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