Stuber (2019)

Look, it did have some funny moments in it, but honestly, it was so mind numbingly predictable that I really wanted to hit my head against a wall at times. Yeah, I knew who the Uber driver was going to end up pairing up with at the end, and like most Hollywood movies, it isn’t the girl that he has been pinning over for so long.

The film centers around a highly aggressive LAPD officer (Bautista) looking for a brutal heroin dealer. However, he cannot drive to the locations that he needs to go to due to his Lasik surgery affecting his vision. As a result, he gets in an Uber with a mild-mannered, composed driver (Nanjiani) trying to keep his star rating up, who has to keep going around with him to stop the dealer. The film’s plot generally consists of going from point A to point B and point C, which is fine, but the story’s narrative never manages to take any structural risks.

As a comedy, “Stuber” falls pretty flat. While there are a few mildly amusing lines of dialogue, the humor is an awkward mishmash of cheap jokes about Uber, raunchy R-rated jokes, weak puns, and erratic pop culture references. None of the jokes or “points” of the narrative really add up to much significant. The more over-the-top moments in the film tend to rely on shock value just for the sake of it, unlike the better R-rated comedies that balance wit, irony, and strong writing with over-the-top content.

One of the film’s biggest problems is its characterization. The film’s two lead characters are far too “on the nose” to the point that it becomes difficult to even remotely suspend one’s disbelief. This makes the characters more annoying than funny or amusing. The film’s supporting characters are also embarrassingly written as their characterization is both paper-thin and of little prominence to the greater story arc as a whole. The actions of these poorly depicted characters end up serving as glaring clich├ęs. While the film’s (surprisingly intense) action is generally well-choreographed, that is the only thing recommendable about this otherwise disastrous action-comedy. Even though Stu wants to earn a five-star rating in this movie, the film itself is only deserving of 1 star

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